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Post to multiple social networks

Post to multiple social networks from one place, without logging in to different social network profiles!

Need more characters for twitter to share the message? Archive the content and share the url via twitter to your audience without any worry about characters length.

Keep your audience engaged and updated. Plan ahead, add your content to the social media networks queue and let queue automatically dispatches your content to your selected social accounts!

Focus on your business! We'll take care publishing your contents to your social accounts

Share without any social network

Just want to send a message to followers on different social network platforms without posting the same content? Use our archive! Share the archive url to your followers and audience.

Share your contents directly to the world without any social networks! Write the message, save it and share the url via any medium of your choice!

Add your messages or posts as archive and modify them as you like! With archive, you don't need any social network to speak up your mind. Spread your message without the hassle of messy comments or any negative feedbacks!

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Connect multiple social accounts

Connect your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and start managing in a smarter way. Stop logging into different social accounts to post an update! Keep it all in one place.

With our dashboard, you can post directly or schedule the content at your convenient time for your facebook and twitter accounts within seconds and save hours of time to update and organize your social accounts!

Sync and manage all your social media accounts in one place, share your brand to your audience and followers in an efficient way. Keep the process simple and effective!

We'll keep expanding our social media network partners and our platforms.

Keep your audience updated

Engaging your audience is great way to build a community. Express your views and thoughts via postsquirrel.

With the available tools in our dashboard, social media management and content sharing will be more efficient and productive!